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Please call and leave a message on the answering machine or use the Skool Loop app to email the school office before school starts to let us know if your child will be absent and why. 

We need you to do this every day your child is absent. If your child has a doctor's appointment or a special event coming up, please get in touch with the office.

Activity fee/Fundraising

Whānau are asked to contribute $15.00 per student per term. This usually pays for events throughout the year, like swimming, performances, and bus rides to sports events. Because of this, we hardly ever request additional money during the year.

Annual school fixtures

Every year, we take part in various activities. Some of these involve partnering with other schools, like when we join St. Joseph's School for some of our sports events.

Term 1        

  • Swimming Sports (with St Josephs)

Term 2 

  • Cross Country (with St Josephs)

Term 3

  • Winter tournament
  • Skiing 

Term 4

  • Athletic Sports (with St Josephs)
  • Rural Day
  • Agricultural Projects
  • Prize giving

Arrival/After school times for students

Due to supervision requirements and teacher preparation time, we request that children do not arrive at school before 8.20am and they are collected from school between 3.00pm and 3.10pm.

Student not going home on the bus need to wait at the seats to be collected. Students are not to leave school grounds without an adult.  

Please note that school starts at 8.45am


Phone or email the school office to arrange an appointment or speak to your classroom teacher.


Assemblies are coordinated by students and focus on achievement and recent classroom activities.

Parents and extended family are invited to the whole school assemblies which occur 3 times per term from 2.30pm – 2.55pm.

Please check the school term planner on the Skool Loop app.

Board of Trustees

The School Board are a group of 5 Parent Representatives (including the Presiding Member), Principal and Staff Representative. They meet twice a term – usually in weeks 4 and 9. The School Charter and Strategic Plan, which is developed by the School Board with community consultation, is the guiding document for the school’s direction. A copy of this is made available in the school office.


Our bus transport is managed by the Mid Canterbury School Transport Service You can contact them on 03 307 2420.

Most of our students living within the school zone take the bus to and from school. Families will receive a bus route map and timetable showing pick-up and drop-off times. These times are approximate and may change due to road conditions and other factors. 

Students may need to walk a short distance to and from the bus stop each day.

If you have any questions about bus arrangements, please contact the school office.

Change of contact details

Please contact the office to update your personal details, address, email address or phone number.

Dental care

The mobile Dental Clinic visits the school once a year. The time will be communicated in the school newsletter and the Skool Loop app.

If your child requires further treatment, this will take place at the clinic based in Ashburton Hospital on Oak Grove. Their contact number is 03 307 8014.


In the event of an emergency, students will remain at school until such time as it is safe for them to go home in their usual manner or for them to be collected by a parent. Emergency drills take place at Wakanui School for a range of scenarios – fire, earthquake, lockdown etc.  

Staff will ensure that student safety is paramount.  

It is essential that in the actual event, parents and caregivers follow instructions from both the school and emergency services. At times this may mean that parents are unable to enter school grounds. When you collect your child you will be required to check in with their classroom teacher to ensure they are accounted for.


During the year, fundraising takes place to support classroom programmes and school resources.  

We appreciate all families helping when they are able.

Electronic devices – iPad Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

The school encourages the use of iPads as learning tools in all classes and we encourage students to have their own device for students in Year 4 and above.

A device will be supplied for at school-use only if a student does not have their own

Students are responsible for their own devices, so it's important to have proper protection for them. Students are required to sign a school contract for using their device at school.

If you have any questions or concerns about purchasing an iPad, please ask your classroom teacher.


If a child has a serious injury whilst at school, caregivers will be notified as soon as possible. At times it will be necessary for school staff to initiate medical treatment or emergency response prior to being in contact with you. Please see the Enrolment form for consent information about this. At all times the welfare of your child will be our first priority. 


Stud earrings, watches and culturally significant items are allowed to be worn at school.

Lost property

We ask for all clothing and other items to be named. If you have lost an item, talk to your classroom teacher first.

Lunch and food breaks

We encourage healthy eating habits at our school. Students should bring a packed lunch each day, avoiding high-sugar foods and snacks as they can affect concentration and learning negatively.

At 10.00am, we have a fruit break where students enjoy fruits or vegetables while listening to a teacher or teacher aide read to the class. We then have a morning tea time from 10.15am - 10.35am, where the students can play outside.

During lunchtime, students stay seated for 15 minutes to eat and are then allowed to leave when the supervising teacher is satisfied they've had a good lunch.

Students can bring water bottles to school as staying hydrated is important for their health. 

However, fizzy or sugary drinks are not allowed.

During the winter months the school operates a hot food box.  Students can have their named and appropriately wrapped food heated at school.  The times for this will be communicated on the Skool Loop app and newsletter.


We send out newsletters with updates about school and community events, through the Skool Loop app. You can also find the latest newsletter on our website and displayed in the cabinet at the school entrance.

Parent Support Group

This is our equivalent of the PTA or Home and School that many schools have. The Parent Support Group holds informal meetings and organise various school events and fundraisers. All parents/caregivers are encouraged to attend any of the group's meetings. 

Meeting notifications will be shared through the school newsletter and Skool Loop app.


Visitor and parent parking is parallel along the school side of the road. The bus bay and disabled parking, marked in yellow, is to be kept clear at all times. Please avoid parking across the road.

Reporting to Parents

Twice a year we have 3-way interviews with Student/ Teacher/Caregiver.  These are organised on the Skool Loop app.

Written reports are emailed home at the end of Term 2 and Term 4.


We are committed to reducing our waste and recycling as much as we can. We run a pack-in, pack-out system with lunches and we ask students to take home all lunch waste, including food scraps, in their lunch boxes.

Currently we do not have suitable recycling options for these scraps. Wrappings and plastic containers can be recycled at home. At school we recycle paper products and any plastics that we use.

School Hours

8.45am – 3pm
10.15am – 10.35am Morning tea
12.45pm – 1.30pm Lunch


We stock some items required for the classroom. You may choose to buy items at local retailers. If a child requires something specific supplied by school, a request for payment will be sent home.  

At the end of each year a stationery list is sent home for the following year. The stationery lists are also available at local book shops and on the Quizzle School Packs website https://schoolpacks.co.nz/wakanui-school/

Student leadership

Every year, students are selected to join the leadership team. They assist with various activities and events throughout the year under the guidance of staff members.

We look to these students as appropriate role models and leaders for our students. Additionally, they will participate in leadership training whenever opportunities arise.

Sun protection

We are a Sun Smart school. Students must wear school regulation sunhats. No hat, no play.  

We have high factor sunscreen for each classroom to use. Around our school we have shade areas for students to use at high-risk UV times.

Swimming pool

Our pool is heated, allowing for a longer swimming season. 

Weather permitting, classes will swim daily throughout Terms 1 and 4.


For safety and security reasons we ask all our visitors, whether expected or not, to sign in at the School office when you arrive.

If the office is unattended, please make your way to the nearest classroom teacher.

Supporters and Sponsors

Parents, please support our local businesses

Aotea Electric Ashburton Limited Woolworths - Ashburton Lovett Family Farms Ltd Stocker Solutions Ryal Bush Transport Ashburton ElectraServe JJ Limited – Ashburton Roger Smith Contracting Ltd Ashburton Contracting Limited The Mower Shop Ashburton Ltd/NC Equipment Pearsons Coachlines Ashburton Ray Mayne Hose and Fittings
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